If you’re thinking of hiring a freelancer for any aspect of your business – whether for content or something else like web development, it is important to provide your brand guidelines or corporate identity document.

If you don’t already have brand guidelines, you can collect together what you already have with the basic template below, or consider hiring a brand consultant to put this together for you in the right formats.

Brand story

This is our BRAND. Here’s what we make and do.





Here’s our logo:

How to use our logo.

How not to use our logo.

Color palette

These are our colors:

Here are swatches with CMYK and HEX codes:


These are the fonts we use and why we chose them:

This is our main typeface.

This is our secondary typeface.


These are on-brand images:

How to lay them out.


Word cloud of words we use:

Do’s and don’ts.


Here’s what the home page looks like and what you should/shouldn’t put on it:

This is how we display products:

Want more help putting together your brand guidelines? Get in touch to hire me.

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